Our company is led by a thirteen-member Executive Management Team. Our leadership group combines deep industry experience with highly relevant functional experience from leading companies in a range of industries. In bringing this diversity of experience and skills together, we have the right team in place to move BME Group forward.

Remco Teulings
Group Chief Executive Officer
Remco has over 25 years of experience in international management, marketing, purchasing and business development . His prior experience included general management roles in the building materials sector within CRH, Tarkett and Knauf.
Jan Bos
Group Chief Financial Officer
Jan has deep experience in finance and business transformation processes as well as relevant carve-out experience. He was previously CFO of PostNL and before that fulfilled various finance positions within TNT Post and KPN.
Alexander Noomen
Group SVP Transformation & Digital
Alexander has deep expertise in leading businesses into the future, with extensive experience driving change and transformation at private equity-owned businesses. His prior experience included roles within LeasePlan, TNT, and Bain & Company.
Désiré Jansen
Group SVP Human Resources
Désiré has a background in people and organization transformation, organizational design, talent management & leadership development and executive recruitment among others. Her prior experience included roles within Ahold Delhaize and Office Depot.
John Tros
Group SVP Procurement
John has an international background in management, business development, business & IT transformations, sourcing & procurement and business continuity within several industries. His prior experience included management roles within KPMG Advisory, Ahold Delhaize and ABN AMRO.
Bas Beurskens
Bas Beurskens
Group VP Supply Chain
Bas is an experienced supply chain professional with a background in retail, distribution, manufacturing, consultancy and outsourcing. His expertise lies in efficiency and cost management. His prior experience included various roles within Staples.
Fabian Koppert
Group VP Strategy & Development
Fabian has a background in business strategy and international corporate development for a variety of sectors. His expertise is in mergers & acquisitions, business strategy and real estate. His prior experience included roles within CRH, Rentokil and KPMG.
Andreas Strietzel
Managing Director Germany & Austria
Andreas has over 25 years of managing experience in the field of building materials and business development. His prior experience included finance roles at Thyssen Krupp Group.
Jan Boon
Jan Boon
Managing Director Netherlands & Belgium
Jan is an experienced business leader in the field of building materials with a strong background in finance. His prior experience included roles within CRH, Isero and Cementbouw.
Jacques Herber
Managing Director Switzerland
Jacques has extensive international experience in the B2B services sector and has successfully led high-growth companies and turn-arounds. Previously, Jacques acted as Group COO for Selecta and parallel to this, he also led projects for Bain Capital and KKR. Before this, he held senior management positions at ECOLAB across various regions.
Olivier Touchais
Managing Director South Europe & Group Commercial Excellence Lead
Olivier has a strong background in management and business development. Besides leading France, Spain and Portugal , he is also leading the commercial excellence strategic initiative for the Group. His prior experience included various roles within Honeywell.
Paul Rombouts
Managing Director SHAP Belgium & Business Development SHAP Group
Paul has over 25 years of experience in international management, sales, marketing, business development and operations. His prior experience included various roles at Brady Corporation.
Erik Braeuninger
Managing Director SHAP Germany
Erik is an experienced business leader with over 30 years of experience in SHAP business, holding excellent connections. His prior experience included supervisory board position at ISG purchasing group and a board of directors position at D.G.-Haustechnik Association.

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