BME Group announces official closing of the acquisition of Saint Gobain Building Distribution Netherlands

Today (30 July, 2021), BME Group completed the acquisition of Saint-Gobain Distribution The Netherlands (SGBD NL), a leading distributor of building materials, tiles, sanitaryware and interior finishing materials and operating under the brands Raab Karcher, De Jager Tolhoek, Tegelgroep Nederland, Galvano, and Van Keulen.The intention to acquire these businesses was announced on 5 January, 2021.

This acquisition is part of BME Group’s growth strategy and complements BME’s presence in the Netherlands where it operates predominantly under the BMN brand. As of now, we can officially welcome all colleagues of Saint-Gobain Distribution The Netherlands to the BME Group. Going forward, we are looking forward to joining forces and to building on each other’s strengths in the years to come.

Financial details of the transaction will not be disclosed.

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