Group Internal Auditor

In this role integrity is key and you are able to balance the highest professional standards with a flexible pragmatism that considers the needs of the organisation in developing and implementing the internal audit approach.

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Purpose of the Role

Together with the Group Director Internal Audit you are setting up the Internal Audit department from scratch. In this role integrity is key and you are able to balance the highest professional standards with a flexible pragmatism that considers the needs of the organisation in developing and implementing the internal audit approach. The Group Internal Auditor has a strong capability in Internal Controls, auditing an IT related topics.

Tasks and Responsibilities in this role:

Co-create, develop and implement a new Internal Audit strategy for BME and the Operating Companies

Co-create the annual risk based Internal Audit work plan for inclusion in the overall IA plan

Execute the delivery of the annual Europe IA plan ensuring that that all assignments are planned, reviewed and reported to the highest quality standards. The delivery of the plan should ensure the maintenance and enhancement of the strong BME control environment while also identifying value enhancing opportunities

Execute the IT audit function and further embed the IT audit component into the integrated audit

Work with the business representatives across the Operating Companies (including key second line functions)

Complete other assignments as requested by Group and Operating Companies. Such reviews would generally cover specific fraud, controls and other ad hoc investigations

Work with external auditor to coordinate audit activities in the Europe and develop IA reliance opportunities

Promotion of cutting-edge practices (data analytics, continuous auditing, second line defence)

Functional Competencies in this role:

  • Good understanding and experience of business processes
  • Commitment to best practice and staying current on audit issues
  • Keeping up to date with industry and regulatory changes and professional standards
  • Action-oriented and result-driven with excellent analytical and communication skills
  • Strong communication and presentation skills
  • Well-organised and structured, self-starter
  • High level of business acumen and financial skills
  • Strong personality with the ability to get things done through people
  • Pragmatic and solutions-oriented attitude
  • Strong team spirit with the ability to connect with people
  • Driven, energetic and positive-minded
  • Agile and resilient
  • Entrepreneurial, results-driven and customer-focused
  • Takes ownership, is accountable, delivers on promises
  • High sense of integrity and business ethics

Education and Experience

  • with over fifty acquisitions accomplished over the last decades across multiple geographies in this role you have to be able to adapt into a fast changing environment
  • Business professional with 3+ year experience working with multiple stakeholders in a complex environment, preferably with background in Private Equity(PE)
  • Professional accounting qualification (ACA / CPA / ACCA / Dutch RA / CIA) with significant post qualification experience (plus)
  • A stable career track with clear career progression within a limited number of employers
  • Significant audit experience either in an international public accounting firm or other corporate Internal Audit function
  • Eager and ambitious with the ability to go at least one level up
  • Fluent in English and professional knowledge of the German or Dutch or French language is considered as an advantage
  • We’re striving to be a an inclusive and diverse workplace, promoting equality for employees regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity?


1st interview with Group Director Internal Audit and Group Manager Talent Acquisition 

Online Assessment

2nd interview with key stakeholders

Agreement to financials

Reference check

3rd interview with Group SVP Human Resources BME

4th interview with Group CFO BME

Acquisition by agencies is not appreciated. By applying for this role you agree to store your CV in our files and to share it within BME during the recruitment process according to our policy. You may submit a written request to revoking your consent at any time.




Internal Audit


Power BI


Marina Slinkman

Group Director Talent Acquisition

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